The idea for Percentage Marketing came about while in meeting with a furniture manufacturer in Central Florida. While discussing the value of TOP 10 search engine placement to this company, the President of the furniture manufacturer said "put your money where your mouth is". He knew how difficult the competition for furniture online was, as did we. We said that we could prove to him that we could not only get him TOP 10 search engine placement, but also sell online effectively.

We offered to build a web site for free and market that site for free. The president of the furniture store had nothing to lose and immediately agreed to let us go to work selling bedroom furniture as an Independent Online Distributor. 

Here are some of the benefits that came about from this first meeting. 

  • We gave a manufacturer the ability to sell in the retail market “anonymously”, thus not upsetting his retail accounts.  

  • It allowed the owners to make more money than they would have been able to make by selling one of their standard marketing packages.

We have turned this "bet" into a successful endeavor which benefits not only ourselves but also the client.  Contact us for more information on our internet expertise and what we can do to help you make the most of your Internet presence. 

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